Active Shooter Preparedness for Facility Managers









Dave Hunt, President, Homeland Security Consulting

What You’ll Learn

Prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery... each phase is crucial to emergency preparedness for extreme violence events at your facilities. Facility management and their teams have an important role in every phase of preparedness.

What should you be doing to prepare prior to an incident? What actions should your team take during an incident? What does preparedness “look like” for your facility?

In this free webinar presented by Dave Hunt, an international expert in the field of active assailant emergency response, attendees will learn:

  • Principles of prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery related to facility management’s role in an active assailant situation
  • What a preparedness plan should include
  • How best to protect your employees from harm

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Session Speaker:


Dave Hunt, President, Homeland Security Consulting
Dave Hunt, CPP, the principal for Homeland Security Consulting, LLC is a national expert in the field of emergency response with a 30 year background in law enforcement, terrorism response, fire/arson/explosives investigation, hazardous materials response, and emergency medical response. He has worked in every area of national preparedness in the development and delivery of nationwide assessments, all-hazards plans, training programs, national preparedness guidance, including active shooter and active threat prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. He has worked with responders and planners in all 56 U.S. States and Territories pioneering the development of many of the nation’s emergency response capabilities, developing innovative pilot programs in major urban areas, States, individual communities and private organizations. He has worked with over 200 universities in the development of catastrophic response capabilities, and protective action decision-making. His experience has built a thorough understanding of the needs and priorities for organizations to analyze risk and develop comprehensive preparedness and response capabilities.